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What Makes Create Marine Launches Special

  • Creative Marine Ltd are one of the UK's largest manufacturers of classic launches and therefore can offer their customer's a wide range of bespoke launches to suit all needs.
  • Creative Marine Ltd handpick all woods used for their launches and purchase whole logs of mahogany and teak to ensure wherever possible there is a uniformed colour of wood throughout the launch.
  • Creative Marine Ltd are one of a handful of boat manufacturers who practice osmosis prevention from new.  Contrary to common belief, GRP is not 100% water resistant and over time with continuous submersion water can penetrate the outer hard layer of gel coat (this is the shiny finish you can see) and get into the structural layers of matt.  This in severe cases will rot the matt and lead to hull failure and leakage.  Annual inspection can check for early signs normally shown as small blisters in the gel coat which when broken contain water.  The only cure for osmosis is the removal of the gel coat, a costly and specialist operation.  The effected area is then left to dry for a number of weeks and the gel coat re-applied.  All of this can be avoided with the application of a minimum five coats of epoxy resin which is 100% water resistant and when applied from new will prevent osmosis.  We think it's worth doing!
  • With over 35 years experience in boat building you can be sure that Simon Read and Roy Lawson, Partners of Creative Marine Ltd will build your launch to the exacting standard that have come to be known of their Company.
  • Creative Marine Ltd undertake commissions for 'one off' construction of new craft in wood or composites.

If you can not find a launch on this website that meets with your requirements please contact us to see if we can offer an alternative solution.

Hand picked timber used throughout.
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